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Wiring-kits Solution Package

Wiring-kits Solution Package

Send us your complete Control Panel. We will measure each wire for length, program labels for the wires, and contact you with our quote. To get more details about this special offer. Call today!!!

Free Samples

Free Samples

Save on Labor and eliminate scrap; Order Ready to Install wires.

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10 Awg wire (SKU: 10-001)10 Awg wire (SKU: 10-001)10 Awg, available in different colors.
12 Awg wire (SKU: 12-002)12 Awg wire (SKU: 12-002)12 awg wire, discounted price
14 Awg wire (SKU: 14-003)14 Awg wire (SKU: 14-003)Our best seller!
16 Awg wire (SKU: 16-004)16 Awg wire (SKU: 16-004)Take advantage of our low rates on the 16 Awg wires
18 Awg wire (SKU: 18-005)18 Awg wire (SKU: 18-005)18 Awg wire, using only the best quality available.
20 Awg wire (SKU: 20-006)20 Awg wire (SKU: 20-006)20 Awg wire, UL1015 rated.
PZ 4 Crimp Set (SKU: 902580)PZ 4 Crimp Set (SKU: 902580)Set includes crimping tool for up to 4 mm², stripping tool and wire-end ferrules in Weidmüller colour code
PZ 6 Roto (SKU: 901435)PZ 6 Roto (SKU: 901435)Crimping tool, Crimping tool for wire-end ferrules, 0.14 mm², 6 mm², Trapezoidal crimp
PZ4 - Crimping tools for Ferrules (SKU: 901250)PZ4 - Crimping tools for Ferrules (SKU: 901250)Crimping tool for wire end ferrules
RS-Simplex 120VAC Outlet (SKU: 991548)RS-Simplex 120VAC Outlet (SKU: 991548)
RS-Simplex 120V Single Outlet
Strip & Crimp Tool ( 2 in 1) (SKU: 902000)Strip & Crimp Tool ( 2 in 1) (SKU: 902000)Cutting, stripping and crimping tool for linked wire end ferrules
Stripax Wire Stripping tool (SKU: 900500)Stripax Wire Stripping tool (SKU: 900500)Stripping and cutting tool for flexible conductors with PVC-insulation
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